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Written by Niamh Brook

Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers is yet another Disney property to get Disney plus-ifeyed but will the film save the day or will it need rescuing?

Now, for context, I’ve been looking forward to this film since I first saw the teaser trailer many months ago. It’s no secret I’m a huge animation geek and an absolutely massive Disney fan, I even wrote my 12,000 world dissertation on the importance of Disney animation. So when I saw that the two loveable chipmunk friends of the main mouse himself were getting a ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ esk crime film, I was all in.

For those not well versed in 90’s daytime kid’s TV shows, Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers followed, you guessed it, Chip and Dale as they gallivanted on different adventures and saved the day with their trusty gang. Though the film shares the same title, the two properties could not be further apart. It feels strange to say it, but Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers may well be one of my favourite films of the year. A true celebration of the medium I love most, the film both mocks and triumphantly celebrates all things animated with respect and some genuinely funny jokes.

Following a washed up Chip and Dale after the dramatic end of their television career, we join the pair as they attempt to solve the disappearance of their old friend, Monterey Jack. Corrupt police, gangs and ugly sonic are all key players in the film and though it is absolutely bonkers, is just a joy to watch. We see so many different animated characters from countless different properties and studios, it makes you wonder just how long and how much money was spent to acquire the rights and come up with the jokes.

If I was to truly nitpick, the film could have been about 10 minuets shorter and I wish they had kept both Chip and Dale as 2D characters. Seeing Chip’s animation was somewhat a breath of fresh air in the now overly saturated, CG world we live in.

Both Sandburg (Dale) and Mulaney (Chip) were fantastic, with great banter and chemistry as they attempt to solve the crimes of the now quasi drug-lord Peter Pan (Will Arnett). The rest of the cast were superb also and flourished when they were given the chance to show off their comedic chops. However, it was J.K Simmons playing a ‘claymation’ police chief who my favorite addition to the cast and in a way I found him somewhat frightening in the third act.

Overall (if you can’t tell already), I loved Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers in all its knowingly silly glory. A film relishing in its premise, it is a true showcase of the power of animation and the joy it can bring into our lives. In fact, I might just go watch it again once i finish this review



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