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Written by Elliot Lines / August 30, 2022

After a more than successful opening episode, House of the Dragon continues in similiar fashion. Set 6 months after the events of episodes 1, The Rogue Prince focus' on how the realm will move forward, but there will always be something that gets in its way.

We are treated to some more fantastic looking scenes, one standout is the meeting on the bridge, where we get a standoff between Daemon and Otto, only for Rhaenyra to come to strike peace riding through the clouds on dragon-back. The intention of Daemon is now ever clearer, frustrated by being renounced as heir to the iron throne. At the end of the episode we see that he will make new allies that are close to his king brother, that could spell trouble for the crown.

Much of the episode focus' on King Viserys finding a new wife. To show his power to the kingdom a proposition is put forward to him, but not one that sits kindly with him, people around him and quite frankly could make some fans uncomfortable. That aside, he makes a different decision, one that seemingly will push people close to him away, and is it a ploy from others to lay their claim to the throne?

The Game Of Thrones franchise is flexing it's muscles here, and its only just getting started. The Rogue Prince not only shows us the disruption within the realm, but also introduces us to one known as "the crab feeder", who pins Westrosians to stakes and lets crabs feast on them. House of the Dragon is only just getting started, but what a start it has been.


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