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Written by Elliot Lines / September 20, 2022

After finally catching your breathe due to last weeks Targaryen antics, The House of the Dragon doesn’t let up in the shock and awe that the Game of Thrones world has always bestowed upon us. Lets just say, you should avoid Westerosi weddings at all cost.

Leading on from the discussion with her father Viserys, Rhaenyra is now travelling to Driftmark with her father to be wed to the sea snake Corlys’ son, Laenor. While this is another family match, it can’t quite be as bad as being wed to her Uncle Daemon, but still family nonetheless. The events after she returned from the night out are largely unknown, her bedding of Sir Kristen, but you can see that this deed is troubling him in the largest part he has to play yet. So much so that after being questioned by the Queen regarding the tea that was sent, he admitted, without prompt, that he and Rhaenyra had slept with one another, breaking his oath as a white coat. This spirals events that cause tension at the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor, when the Queen takes a stand, dressed in all green, a show of war for the Hightowers but causes Sir Kristen to attack Laenor’s queer lover when he latches onto the bond between him, resulting in his very brutal death. In the end, the marriage goes ahead, but throughout the episode Viserys’ health was at the forefront of his appearances. During the very lowkey ceremony the King collapses, causing questions as to what his role will be going forward in the show, just quite how long might he have left.

The House of the Dragon feels like it has a direction, in which you don’t need the big battles to show the problems inside Westeros. Here once again is a showing that no Westerosi wedding should be attended, but the events cause for interesting conflict going forward, inside and outside of the Targaryen family.


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