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With the events that transpired in this episode, it feels as though it is the first time in the series that all the pieces may be being placed together.

Gorian Shard attacks Nevarro in retaliation, Greef Karga must call upon help. He contacts Carson Teva, who goes to his superiors thinking this could be the rise of a new Empire. When these claims get waived away he tracks down the Mandalorian covert for help. Din Djarin and Bo-Katan take charge of the attack, in which they overcome the pirates and Shard killing him in the process, however Vane flees. The Mandalorians are welcomed back by Karga. The Armourer meets with Bo-Katan admitting that the reappearance of the Mythosaur is a sign she is the one to reunite all Mandalorians, and tells he to remove her helmet to symbolise this. On his return to Adelphi, Teva encounters a wreckage of Moff Gideons transport where there is no sign of a body, but there is a fragment of beskar alloy lodged in the wreckage.

With the events that transpired in this episode, it feels as though it is the first time in the series that all the pieces may be being placed together. Up to this point there has felt like a lack of direction, but in amongst all the fighting and politics, here it looks like we're finally on a path towards something. Bo-Katan's arc seems to be taking shape, with the Armourer admitting she may be the one to reunite the Mandalorians and just getting a glimpse at what may of happened to Gideon creates intrigue going forward (especially with the beskar fragment). This does however sacrifice Din Djarin and Grogu in a way, seeming like they are taking a side character role in this series due to the focus on the wider Mandalorian culture/people.

With these pirates being the antagonist of the episode it creates for some interesting looking ship and characters, equipped with cannon like guns and led by Star Wars very own 'Blackbeard'. Down on Nevarro, it feels like a scene straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, with the destroyed buildings, drunken and disorderly pirates now ruling the city.

These are clearly no match for the well trained Mandalorians, who come down and attempt to release the city from the grips of Gorian Shard, creating some great Mandalorian fighting scenes with all their weaponry on show. That also goes for up in the sky and Din Djarin and Bo-Katan's fight against the mothership, also offering impressive spectacles of true Star Wars dog fights. I think it is safe to say the action throughout the series has been top draw as expected.

Chapter 21: The Pirate feels like the first step towards and overall story-line. However, Din Djarin and Grogu being sidelined (mostly), to achieve this, may come as a disappointment to some, but I for one am enjoying the series and glad that it feels like it now has a path to follow.


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