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Written by Elliot Lines / September 13, 2022

After a strong start, The Rings of Power continues to flesh out this expansive universe even more in an interesting way that fits with the feel and mood of what we witnessed in the original trilogy.

This episode took us to unknown places, giving them a Middle Earth backstory that incorporates the characters we have already seen but also introducing us to new characters (but some that may have been heard of before). The main one in question, Isildur, a very well known character in the Lord of the Rings lore but we only saw glimpses with the main focus being his father, Elendil. With his capturing of Galadriel being a seamless way to introduce these characters into the story.

What continues to impress is the look of this series. The imagery on show here puts you right into the depths of Middle Earth, whether its from the gorgeous scenery in Númenor, to the dirty orc dug tunnels, there is an impressive feel to this world that these characters are in, and quite frankly it is gorgeous to watch.

There are still some questions how this will all play out story-wise, like what role will the Harfoot's have in this overall story, but the bigger question at the end of this episode may just be, Who is Adar?, who we get a glimpse off at the end of the episode.


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