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Written by Elliot Lines / September 4, 2022

The much anticipated TV series is here. One of the most expensive television shows in history with no expense spared to throw us back into Middle Earth. There was a deal of skepticism going in, just due to the love of the original films but those worries have certainly been shut down by the release of these two episodes.

From the off you can see the beauty of this world once again. The dramatic scenery that pans across this world is absolutely stunning, and you can see there has been plenty of thought (and money) that has gone into this to really make The Rings of Power feel at home in Middle Earth.

Not only are we introduced to new characters, but we very early on get the re-appearence of Galadriel and Elrond (obviously different actors from the original). Where Elrond (Robert Aramayo) doesn't have too much to do, the main focus is most certainly going to be Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), who is fits into this role perfectly bringing the young version of this character to life.

With the abundance of characters being introduced it'll be hard to talk about them all, but what you can say about them is that they all fit into this world at this moment in the show, and seemingly will have a role to play going forward.

You can tell money has been spent here, just with these two episodes alone throwing you back into the Middle Earth world comfortably. Adding to the lore and history successfully of one of the much loved franchises is no easy feat, there will always be some push back, but The Rings of Power has started strong, and can only imagine it'll only get better.


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