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This piece was written during the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labour of the actors currently on strike, the movie/series/feature being covered here wouldn't exist.


Spooky season is officially upon us, and in terms of the film community, it seems to become more popular as the years progress. Although many of us have already planned our October Watchlist, there are plenty of new releases coming our way that we should keep our eye on and slot in where we can. Join us as we summarise the new horror releases that should be on your radar this spooky season.

Saw X

Release date: Out Now

Where to watch: Cinemas

Spooktober Saw X

We may be cheating as this dropped in cinemas at the end of September, but if you haven't had a trip down to your local to go and see it yet, you're missing out. Set between Saw (2004) and Saw II (2005), this instalment sees John Kramer travel to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in the hope of curing his terminal cancer. However, after the treatment he discovers the entire operation was a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. The infamous serial killer then returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists and inflicting revenge through his infamous traps. Saw X is a bloody, gory and surprisingly heartfelt ride that should not be missed this spooky season.

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Pet Sematary: Bloodlines

Release date: October 6

Where to watch: Paramount +

Despite the 2019 remake disappointing most audience members, the idea of a prequel is still exciting, especially when the cast features the likes of Forrest Goodluck (The Revenant), Henry Thomas (The Haunting of Hill House) and Pam Grier (Jackie Brown). Set in 1969, the prequel follows a young Jud Crandall who has dreams of leaving Ludlow behind, but soon discovers a sinister secret and is forced to confront a dark family history. Luckily, the movie is dropping on Paramount+ so we can watch from the comfort of our own homes – the early reviews don't sound too promising, but we're still intrigued to check this one out.


Release date: October 6

Where to watch: Shudder

Dropping yearly since 2021, the VHS franchise is becoming a bit of a spooky season staple. This anthology franchise isn't often a fan favourite, but many are still excited by the idea and flock to see what the movies can do next. Set in 1985 as the title suggests, we will see another five chilling tales of found footage horror take us on a gore-filled journey. This time around, our roster of director's include Scott Derrickson (Sinister), David Bruckner (The Ritual) and Mike P. Nelson (Wrong Turn), so it looks like we'll be in safe hands. Make sure you have your Shudder subscriptions renewed in time (if you haven't already done this for Halloween month, why not?!), as this one can also be watched from home.

The Exorcist: Believer

Release date: October 6

Where to watch: Cinemas

Spooktober The Exorcist Believer

After completing his Halloween trilogy, director David Gordon Green is now tackling a new trilogy of another classic: The Exorcist. Horror fans are equally nervous and excited about this release, but it's undeniable that we'll flock to the cinemas in our masses to check this one out. Since the death of his wife 12 years ago, Victor Fielding (Leslie Odom Jr) has raised their daughter Angela on his own. But when Angela and her friend Katherine disappear in the woods, only to return three days later with no memory of what happened there, a chain of events is unleashed that will force Victor to confront the nadir of evil. Boy, do we hope Green does this timeless, fan-favourite horror movie justice.

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Totally Killer

Release date: October 6

Where to watch: Prime Video

If this Friday wasn't busy enough already, Prime Video are also jumping on the bandwagon and releasing a brand new horror flick that we don't have the leave the house to check out! Totally Killer is being labelled as the 'Back to The Future' of the horror genre, as it sees teen Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) travel back in time to 1987 to face a masked maniac who murdered three teens 35 years ago. Jamie teams up with her teenage Mother in an effort to take down the psycho once and for all. This one sounds like a fun teen scream horror comedy, and will hopefully provide some light relief amongst the spookier picks on this list.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Release date: October 12

Where to watch: Netflix

Everybody stay calm – new Mike Flanagan is dropping! Fans of his previous works including The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass will be delighted to hear that he is releasing another Netflix Original series this spooky season. Based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story of the same name, the series will follow a pair of ruthless siblings who have built Fortunato Pharmaceuticals into an empire of wealth, privilege and empire. However, past secrets come to light when the heirs to the Usher dynasty start dying at the hands of a mysterious woman. It is currently unclear how much horror this series will entail, but featuring Flanagan regulars Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood and Henry Thomas amongst others and the premise promising something sinister, it's clear why many are so excited for it's release.


Release date: October 13

Where to watch: Disney +

Inspired by R. L. Stine's bestselling novels, the new series follows a group of five high schoolers as they embark on a twisted journey to investigate the tragic passing three decades earlier of a teen named Harold Bickle, whilst also unearthing dark secrets from their parents' past. Despite being based on books aimed at kids, Goosebumps may not be geared towards younger viewers, with a recommended age rating of 12+. Featuring King of Horror Justin Long, the first five episodes will premiere on the very timely Friday 13th October, ready to be binged under the moonlight.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Release date: October 27

Where to watch: Cinemas

Spooktober Five Nights at Freddy's

After being in the pipeline for what feels like forever, this animatronics horror flick based on the video game of the same name will FINALLY be releasing this Halloween, and we can choose whether we check it out in cinema's or on Peacock. Recently fired and desperate for work, a troubled young man named Mike (Josh Hutcherson !!!!) agrees to take a position as a night security guard at an abandoned themed restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. However, he soon discovers that nothing at Freddy's is what it seems. If that premise isn't enough to excite you, then surely the cast featuring horror legend Matthew Lillard (Scream) will get your butt in front of the screen.

When Evil Lurks

Release date: October 27

Where to watch: Shudder

Our final recommendation for horror releases to keep an eye on is a Spanish Shudder Original, that has been receiving high praise at festivals including Fantastic Fest. In a remote village, two brothers find a demon-infected man just about to give birth to evil itself. They decide to get rid of the man but merely succeed in helping him to deliver the inferno. This premise sounds wild and very ambiguous, so we're excited to see what's in store. Director Demian Rugna's previous flick from 2017 'Terrified' provided plenty of scares and ranks as the 6th scariest movie of all time (according to Science of Scare), so hopefully When Evil Lurks follows suit. Will also be available on a limited theatre release from October 6.

Which October horror release are you most excited for?


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