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Written by Elliot Lines

The new Star Wars favourite duo have now returned to our screens, continuing on the adventures they set out on together in The Mandalorian Season 1. This unexpected partnership of Din Djarin (Mando) and Baby Yoda became a worldwide phenomenon, gathering fans and an astronomical pace, so fans were glad to discover they'd be returning quicker than expected.

Chapter 10 again gives you instant action scenes, with Mando getting ambushed by a gang in the middle of the Tatooine desert. This is once again a change for him to showcase his skills and weaponry, skills that are perfected and effective to defeat his enemies. One noticeable event here was the gang did not care about "The Child", does this mean the value isn't quite as well known as we thought.

Unfortunately this is where this episode starts to fall apart. Mando gets sent on this journey to find some apparent Mandalorian's but he has a passenger. This passenger is carrying her last blood line of eggs, but they cannot get to their location by lightspeed. This is where the episode is as slow as the journey they're on, with the only part making this section bearable is the cheekiness of Baby Yoda getting a little too greedy.

We once again get some nods to the Star Wars lore with an awesome dog fight between the Razor Crest and some X-Wing fighters, flying through a hostile snowy planet. This causes Mando to crash, and unfortunately not in a place that he wants to be. Baby Yoda once again gets a little too greedy and drama starts to unfold...

Chapter 10 was more of a filler episode, the main story of this episode just didn't feel like it had enough to peak interest. The episode certainly has its entertaining moments, they came in phases, but each one provided the Star Wars feel we're looking for.


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