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Written by Elliot Lines


The new Star Wars favourite duo have now returned to our screens, continuing on the adventures they set out on together in The Mandalorian Season 1. This unexpected partnership of Din Djarin (Mando) and Baby Yoda became a worldwide phenomenon, gathering fans and an astronomical pace, so fans were glad to discover they'd be returning quicker than expected.

Returning to Tatooine, Mando joins back up with familiar foes where they once again set of on an mission to scupper the remnants of the Empires future plans. Housed in an impressive base, our heroes encounter plenty of recognisable enemies throughout there mission, with the typical precarious control panels the Empire insists on building.

Once again we get some great action sequences, and probably one of the best chases in the Star Wars cannon involving speeder bikers and a troop transport. These moments are a standout across this show, and come in great quantity and superb quality.

We got a further look into what was actually happening at this base, which gave us an idea of what the Empire wants with Baby Yoda. The M count (midichlorians) is high, but the clones won't take the DNA, could this be the beginnings of the Snoke tests.

Each episode seems to add that little more depth to the world while paying homage to the universe it has already created. But this wasn't the episode everyone was looking for, but had some quality moments, could we see the return of a much loved Jedi in Chapter 13.

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