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Written by Elliot Lines


The new Star Wars favourite duo have now returned to our screens, continuing on the adventures they set out on together in The Mandalorian Season 1. This unexpected partnership of Din Djarin (Mando) and Baby Yoda became a worldwide phenomenon, gathering fans and an astronomical pace, so fans were glad to discover they'd be returning quicker than expected.

Well we knew the time was coming, but who knew it would happen so quick. From the first shots of the film we finally get to see those double lightsabers twisting through the darkness, the first appearance of the live action Ashoka Tano. From the moment she is on screen it does not disappoint, incorporating all the best parts of her character, showing her powers at there best.

We knew from Chapter 11 that Mando would eventually meet the Jedi, but we weren't sure when. Throughout this episode we are subjected to name drops, name reveals and a potential insight of what's to come.

Up until now we have known 'The Child' by many different names, given by fans and the shows characters. After connecting through the force, Ahsoka Tano reveals the Baby Yoda's real name is infact...Grugo. Then we get the revelation that Ahsoka is looking for, another character we have seen before, the blue faced Grand Admiral Thrawn, which opens up a world of possibilities. But this episode didn't stop the, Mando was then sent away again to find another Jedi location, which only opens the chances of the one and only Mark Hamill to make a cameo appearance.

The Mandalorian is becoming that go to Star Wars media. Every week we get new action set pieces that are not only mind-blowing but a spectacle in themselves. You get so much Star Wars in so little time and it is an absolute joy to watch.


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