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Written by Elliot Lines

The new Star Wars favourite duo have now returned to our screens, continuing on the adventures they set out on together in The Mandalorian Season 1. This unexpected partnership of Din Djarin (Mando) and Baby Yoda became a worldwide phenomenon, gathering fans and an astronomical pace, so fans were glad to discover they'd be returning quicker than expected.

Season 2 takes not time whatsoever in getting into the thick of the action. With its nod to the original films we walk into a club which has two Gamorrean Guards battling it our in the ring, Mando seeks some knowledge of any known of Mandalorian still alive but for this information he is held to ransom, not for the "package" (Baby Yoda) but for the shiny Beskar armour he wields. It does not take long for Mando to showcase his skills, with even Baby Yoda predicting what will happen, hiding himself within his pod before the action ensues. It was always going to be a one way fight, with Mando making sure he walks away with the answers he is searching for.

This all kicks of the journey to Tatooine, which we all know by now. This dusty wasteland never changes, remote and filled with crooks. Here is where an unexpected face appears, although this time there is a different man under the mask. Boba Fett's armour is recognisable straight away but this time it is Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) under the mask, the marshal of Mos Pelgo. After a altercation, there seems to be bigger problems and Mando and Vanth decide to work together and find a way to solve them, to make sure both get what they want. The role of Vanth is perfectly played by Olyphant, giving the right amount of tough guy attitude without knowing where his place is within this fight.

Just like the first season, it builds upon what we already know. The Tusken Radiers have always been a species that appear to be primitive, but we see a new light to these people who live amongst the sand. This is a species that do not get on socially with anyone, and on the many appearances they have made, this is evident. But not only do they get work with Mando and Vanth here, but they seem to get along, for the most part. This is an exceptional way to build out the Star Wars lore, to see a different side to a recognisable face.

These were not the only recognisable occurrences within this episode. We have become accustomed to this series throwing in little Easter eggs, but there were plenty here. We've already mentioned the Gamorrean guard, the Boba Fett armour and the Tusken raiders, but there is more. We get another appearance from R5, the droid that malfunctioned when Luke was purchasing him. Did you recognise Cobb Vanth's speeder? Well it seems like this may have been salvaged from non other that Anakin Skywalker's pod racer, another interesting use of the Star Wars history.

Chapter 9 carried on the quality from the first season, with some big showcases and plenty of action throughout. Baby Yoda had very little to do however, which was a slight disappointment but this surely won't last going forward. It's certainly great to have the little guy back.


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