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Halloween falling on a Monday this year can only mean one thing: movie night. Whether you like to scare yourself silly or settle into a spooky, autumnal comfy vibe instead, one of our 7 picks below for the best movies to watch on Halloween night is bound to take your fancy.

Written by Becca Johnson / October 27, 2022

Halloween (1978)

Let's get the obvious out of the way first; it's impossible to recommend Halloween watches without mentioning Halloween itself. Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small, quiet town of Haddonfield with one intention – to kill again. With one of the most iconic horror movie villains, final girls and score, Halloween is a must watch if you haven't viewed it already, or even if you have. Though it doesn't offer much blood or gore, it's ominous tone and legendary masked villain make it one of the most re-watchable scary movies of all time. Think you've visited this one a few too many times already? Luckily there are 12 other movies in the franchise to choose from!

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

A lesser known spook fest that has gained recent cult status, Trick 'r Treat is undeniably best enjoyed on Halloween night as it's title suggests. It weaves four separate stories together which consist of a high school principal being a secret serial killer, a group of teenagers pulling a mean prank, an old recluse receiving an uninvited guest and a college virgin who meets the 'guy for her'. Whilst it's not the scariest flick of the bunch, it's a whole lot of fun, featuring great performances from a competent cast, a small terrifying villain and a pretty unique bunch of tales. Grab your mates, some snacks and dim the lights, because this one is best enjoyed in a group.

The Conjuring (2013)

If your typical haunted house set-up is your Halloween go to, look no further than The Conjuring. James Wan's magnum opus is hardly a hidden gem, but it's super re-watchable and is bound to scare no matter how many times you've visited it. Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, played beautifully by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, are called to help a terrified family who are being terrorized by a dark presence in their home. Not for the faint of heart, The Conjuring is full of jump scares, possession, ghosts and plenty of bumps in the night. It tells an enjoyable story despite it's spooky premise, and makes an excellent double feature with it's sequel of 2016. Just because it's premise is your run-of-the-mill family being haunted by a ghost, that doesn't mean to say it doesn't deliver.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

If you haven't visited Hocus Pocus this year despite it's long awaited sequel releasing, Halloween is definitely the time. After 300 years of slumber, three witches are resurrected in Salem on Halloween night, and the kids who accidentally resurrect them must work out how to send them back. Hocus Pocus is an absolute blast that's fun for the entire family. With terrific performances from all involved, an excellent song and dance number and a talking cat, it's nothing short of perfect campy amusement. Whilst not quite as good as the original, it's sequel from last month is also an excellent pick if you're yet to check it out; why not watch both back to back and make a real party out of it?

Terrifier/Terrifier 2 (2016/2022)

Is gore what you're looking for this Halloween? Look no further than Terrifier. or brand new release Terrifier 2 if you can get your hands on it. Shockingly, disturbingly gory from start to finish, both movies follow the despicable Art the Clown as he goes on murderous rampages on Halloween night. They utilise awesome practical effects and a chilling lead performance from our villain to create unforgettable watches. We definitely recommend checking out both, but if it's one or the other, Terrifier 2 takes the cake; it's louder, longer, scarier and has one of the most kick-ass final girls of the year. We just hope you can stomach it...

Haunt (2019)

Probably one of the lesser known movies on this list, Haunt follows a group of friends on Halloween night who encounter an extreme haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The night quickly becomes very deadly when they come to realise that things are much more real than they imagined. Though it's a little inconsistent and slow at times, it has a great deal of gore, an excellent lead performance from Katie Stevens and an immersive setting that is just made for watching on the spookiest night of the year. As well as being pretty gory, it cleverly builds tension and has great payoff; at just 92 minutes long, you should consider this a must watch.

Monster House (2006)

Halloween isn't just for those who like to be scared – there are great movies out there that scratch that spooky autumnal itch and can be watched and enjoyed by all. Animated movie Monster House provides just that; it's eerie setting, subtle spooks and likeable young leads make this a fun watch for the whole family. The story follows three teens who find themselves up against a decrepit neighbouring home and unlock many frightening secrets along the way. Although it's a bunch of fun and has some comedy running through it's veins, it also provides some commentary on some tough topics that make it interesting for an older audience, too. Don't let it's animation and low age rating fool you – things do get pretty dark.

Let us know what your go-to Halloween watches are!


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