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Hawkeye started off promisingly with the first two episodes, and doesn't let up here. The episode provides us with action aplenty, whilst giving us character development for new and old characters with a focus on Clint and Maya's hearing loss.

Written by Elliot Lines

The episode starts much like episode one, with a backstory of a new character. This time the focus is Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), this character is know to many comic book fans as Echo, who subsequently has her own TV show incoming (confirmed by Marvel Studios). This opening focus' on the relationship she has with her father, but also the struggles she goes through with not only her hearing, but also being an amputee. During these scenes there is a introduction to a character only referred to as her Uncle, it seems definitive from this that we will get an Kingpin introduced to the MCU from the Daredevil universe. Maya's need to find the Ronin is made clear in a further scene where she sees the Ronin attack her father, giving her a clear motive to finding who it is.

There is one main action scene on show here. In their escape from the clutches of the "Tracksuit mafia", a car chase ensues, bringing about all sorts of memorable moments. Between Kate Clint, there is a chemistry between them, even when they are struggling to communicate (Due to Clint's hearing loss), this moment does make for some fun interactions. Kate is the archer here and she gets all that she's wished for, a chance to use the trick arrows. There is an abundance of different arrows here, but quite clearly the best moment of this sequence is when Clint fires a Pym arrow to create a gigantic arrow to come crashing down on the chasers.

Previously mention of the focus on the hearing loss these characters suffer is never more evident than when Clint's son Nate calls him. Due to losing his hearing aid, this moment because all the more upsetting as Kate has to write down whats being said, but Clint can't make promises he can't keep. This is a moment the really pulls on the heartstrings, a moment we haven't really had with Hawkeye up til now, something that these shows allow Marvel Studios to do.

Already halfway through the series, there are still plenty of questions that need answering, but also there are still a few characters that are rumoured to be appearing still left to appear. The production value still feels more in line with the Marvel Netflix series', but Hawkeye is most certainly enjoyable up to this point nonetheless.


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