After the brief introduction of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), it was difficult to understand where she may fit outside of just trying to kill Clint. Episode 5 gives us full Yelena along with a huge learning curve for Kate Bishop about all the people around her.

Written by Elliot Lines

The introduction of Yelena was aided in this episode by diving back to 2018, the blip, and where she was in this moment. Having been "blipped" away she came to learn the fate of her sister Natasha/Black Widow, but we find out later in the episode that she's not the only one after Clint.

Whenever Florence Pugh is on screen she shines, and that was no different here. We know she's a star in the making and this proves it, shes delightfully fun and radiant on screen, but when push comes to shove she can come across as this menacing killer.

The characters developments within this episode are at the forefront. Clint must put to bed some of his inner demons, and come face to face with Maya, one of those after him. Kate Bishop starts to learn more about herself, Clint and eventually her mother. Then there's Grylls, whos skills as a dog trainer are second to none.

Prior to this episode, it started to become difficult to see where Hawkeye was going with only 2 episodes left. With the introduction of a character that all comic fans are aware if, they have set up an interesting and bound to be epic finale with all these characters and events colliding in one place.