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The series finale of the most recent edition to the Marvel cinematic universe. Loki so far has raised plenty of questions throughout, in which this final episode only raises more. It gives us a glimpse of what to expect going forward, while rounding off this outstanding series.

Written by Elliot Lines

Loki is a character that started this series as a villain but throughout has grown into someone that is not about that life anymore. The character arcs for both him and Sylvie in this final episode prove who they really are as people now, and they couldn't be further apart.

The introduction of Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror was much expected, we knew he was going to be introduced for Ant-man And The Wasp Quantumania but not quite in this fashion. Here he is introduced as a variant of that character, one that is trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. All leading on to Majors taking on this role as the big villain throughout phase 4, which from this performance will be an exciting addition to the MCU.

The avenues that this series has set up are endless, this will surely lead onto the likes of Spider-man No Way Home and Doctor Strange the Multiverse Of Madness, but the biggest reveal here is that Loki will be back for season 2, meaning we get to see more of the "god of mischief" in this new role. We are now at the beginnings of the multiverse, meaning the possibilities to add much loved Marvel franchises into this world.

Absolutely nailing the landing, Loki ends with intrigue, this story has only just begun and there is far more to tell. Alone this has set up a whole host of directions for the MCU to go, in the process giving us a taster of whats to come.


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