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There is a comic run that would be a huge swing for the MCU to implement into its universe, but this series has given it a chance. What...If? Zombies shows what would happen if our mightiest heroes had been overcome in a zombie outbreak. Bringing some interesting visuals and ideas to the screen, this may be one of the best uses of this animation to depict something comic fans have been eager to see.

Written by Elliot Lines

Introducing us immediately to the threat that has consumed earth, the episode doesn't waste time in showing us what this new world consists of, with an immediate decapitation of Iron Man. The episode goes into a brief description on what has actually happened, and how, wasting no time in getting ino the actual story.

We've seen zombies before, but not quite like this. The zombiefied heroes are able to use their powers which creates an interesting dynamic for those who remain. It means there is more at stake than just fighting the slow walkers, they still have to fight. This makes for some interesting fighting scenes, and some more absolutley brutal kills.

Up until now the chracter design has been pretty spot on. But here there are a few characters that stand out, not quite resembling their MCU characters. This would be Bruce Banner and Happy Hogan, unfortunately they weren't immediately recognisable. As for the zombie versions, these were a home run. The character designs were near on perfect.

Consisting of the usual zombie tropes, this episode takes this idea and runs with it creating an insteresting idea. An idea of which turns into a dark and brutal story, a direction you wouldn't expect this to go down, an interesting direction for certain characters.


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