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Get ready for something a little different. Marvel is going beyond the extraordinary with this first dive into the TV world for the cinematic universe, which is evident from the outset.

Written by Elliot Lines

Set in the 60's, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are settling into their new surroundings, a small neighbourhood. Vision works and Wanda stays at home, getting visits from their nosey neighbours (Catherine Hahn). They both have forgotten Vision's boss is coming to dinner, can they rescue the situation, is everything all that it seems.

There are hints at the unusual throughout, but never showing it's cards. We don't know what is going on, we're not expected to, but the little hints are expected to keep us hooked to this show which is a homage to sitcoms from the past.

Previously in the MCU, Wanda and Vision have been bit part players in the journey, but this is quite obviously fully focused on these two and their relationship. All we can do is speculate as to what is actually going on but on screen we have Olsen and Bettany who show just how to bring back the comedic timing of these 60's shows, and with the addition of Hahn who only adds more comedic value.

You can't deny this was an interesting start to phase 4, who knows where it will go. There are plenty of hints and Easter eggs the most eager of Marvel fans will notice, which may just give you the indication you need to keep your attention.


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