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Something a little different has been cooked up this week. We finally get to see the outside of the town of "Westview", which offers a small break from the sit-com style show we have become accustomed to.

Written by Elliot Lines

In fact, there is far more addressed within the MCU. Remember "the blip", well we knew it would have repercussions somewhere in the future, here is one. Geraldine in this scene is confirmed as Monica Rambeau, we get a small insight into the life she leads after the events of Endgame within S.W.O.R.D. This leads us to finding our way back to "Westview", but from the outside.

Familiar characters appear across this episode, discovering what is going on, just as we are. They are confused too, we are living through this together, trying to unravel what is going on behind that force field. Darcy Lewis (from Thor films) is a spectator just as we are, watching, discovering, there is even a point where she states "What? I’m invested.". Adding a personal touch, you now have the ability to connect with these characters.

The episode acts as a recap for all the events we have witnessed so far, but from a different perspective. The majority of which comes from the base outside, but towards the end jumps between reality and this other world.

Wanda seems to be the orchestrator to all this, but don't be fooled, there is more twists coming. She can clearly manipulate this world, and there are moments where it seems as though she is loosing grip on this fabricated life...but is she in full control.


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