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Five episodes in you'd expect to have an idea of what is going on, but those guys over at Marvel are crafting more mystery with each episode, and are probably the only people that could build something of this stature.

Written by Elliot Lines

We definitely had more of an idea of what the show was about after Episode 4, but there are still plenty of questions. What makes this series so good is it's ability to get you talking, speculate as to what is to come, this episode was no different. There is so much within the Marvel Universe and this series could go in any which direction, each being just as interesting as the next.

We're offered the first glimpse as to Wanda's mentality within this episode, is she behind it all? Now this is a big question, speculation will say no, but who knows where this will take us. There are subtle hints that this may not be the case over the whole series, but Wanda shows her anger and feelings here with a venture outside and a bust up with Vision.

Each character inside of "Westview" are getting more and more curious with each episode, but it feels like some are there by force and others by choice. They may be trapped or they may be playing along with Wanda's show, but there is something fishy at play here, it may be that Wanda is losing her grip on this world.

It's a shame that the film community seems to love to spoil surprises for the rest of us, but there shall be no spoilers in this review. With a real mind blowing end scene, there is a surprise appearance knocking at the door. Now you can speculate who, and you may guess right, but the potential implications to the MCU are massive.

This series just gets better and better with each episode, next week cannot come soon enough to get the potential answers to some of these questions everyone is asking.


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