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The first week back after New Year is always a rough one. So whether your spending this weekend wrapped up in bed with your laptop or recovering on the couch, here are some TV recommendations so you don’t have to think too hard.

Written by Tresca Mallon

BBC IPlayer

A Very British Scandal

A 3 part period series about the infamous divorce of the Duchess and Duke of Argyll in the 1960s. Claire Foy as Margaret is typically brilliant playing a polar opposite character to that of Queen Elizabeth in the Crown. Margaret is feisty,sexually empowered, cold and calculating. Paul Bettany as Ian Campbell is perfectly repellent and the two actors clash against each other creating a dynamic tension. The short series is not at all time consuming, a perfect watch for a Sunday afternoon.


On My Block

On My Block follows a group of friends navigating their way through high school and the obstacles life throws at them. On My Block doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun caper in a setting that often doesn’t get the light-hearted treatment on screen. While often quite cheesy it’s has a lot of heart and you’ll find yourself really caring for every kooky individual when the series wraps at the end of Season 4. Despite having 4 seasons this one is an easy binge as all the episodes are less than 30 minutes long!

Amazon Prime

Good Omens

Imagine if an angel and a demon were frenemies trying to stop the end of the world. Good Omens is a wacky comedic fantasy that is equal parts hilarious, charming and visually spectacular. David Tennant and Martin Sheen are always a winning combination. They bounce off each other perfectly and have natural chemistry which comes from a long real life friendship. So far there’s only been one season and with a second on the horizon this is the perfect time to get caught up!

Sky Go/NowTV


The hit tv show that gives an unfiltered look into the lives of a group of high-schoolers struggling with drugs, sex, love and social media. Zendaya gives an incredibly raw performance as the troubled Rue and Hunter Schafer is a complete revelation as Jules. Their relationship is deeply compelling and drives the at times dark but beautiful series. Alongside the first season which is 8 episodes long, two hour long specials were filmed and released during lockdown and both are complete masterpieces. Season 2 starts on Monday so it’s the Perfect weekend to get caught up!

All 4


Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s one season wonder follows six adults living as property guardians in an abandoned hospital in London. Waller-Bridge has a knack for writing horribly flawed yet likeable characters. This show is a hidden gem which deserves much more recognition. Be warned the ending will leave you longing for a second season that it seems will never come.


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