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If humpday was a week it would be this one! You got through blue Monday and you powered through to Friday. Its time for some TV.

Written by Tresca Mallon



An emotionally taxing, but quirky and at times surprisingly funny account of a woman’s attempt to escape domestic violence and create a life for herself and her daughter. Of course, a trigger warning for domestic violence, this can be a difficult watch at times but certainly worth it. Margaret Qualley stars opposite her mother Andie MacDowell and both give very different but involved performances. All ten episodes of the limited series are available on Netflix.

BBC IPlayer


A hilarious sitcom about a young couple who inherit a haunted mansion and unwittingly move in with a host of ghost roommates. Charlotte Ritchie has long been one of the funniest women in British sitcoms and she is brilliant as ever as the lead in Ghosts. However, the show boasts one of the strongest ensemble casts with an especially genius turn from Lolly Adefope. The first three seasons are on BBC Iplayer and a fourth has just started filming. An easy watch and will be especially fun for historical comedy fans.

Amazon Prime

Roots (2016)

The remake of the classic 70s TV show, this three episode miniseries follows Kunta Kinte from a warrior in west-Africa to slavery in America. Malachi Kirby is incredible as Kunta Kinte, taking on an iconic character and imbuing him with tangible strength and vulnerability. Never shying away from reality and yet treating the subject with sensitivity, Roots is a tough watch but essential viewing.

All 4


A remake of the Swedish series Real Humans, Humans presents an alternate present where robot servants that look like humans are being used to help out busy families. Gemma Chan’s breakout role is a thrilling sci-fi series with incredible world building. All three seasons are available on All4 and Sky Go.


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