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In Broad Daylight

Based on true events, In Broad Daylight sheds light on a known problem right in the heart of Hong Kong. The film does not tread lightly on what is occurring in the cares homes across this city. However, In Broad Daylight manages to not only captivate but also raise awareness about an issue that evades the public eye.


Posing as the granddaughter of a private extended care-home patient, an investigative journalist uncovers a culture of abuse and corruption at the facility.


In Broad Daylight tackles an extremely disturbing subject matter, and isn't afraid to tackle it head on. The film has a responsibility to get the message out there in the right manner about the atrocities that are going on in these care homes. It takes this subject and forces it upon the viewer without hesitation, leaving a lasting imprint in your mind. One scene in particular stands out, the bathing scene, and in this moment is where the film hits hardest.

In Broad Daylight

The film is a showcase of the Hong Kong welfare system, a system that is underfunded and overstretched. The use of investigative journalism as a tool to get the truth out in a way is just as flawed as the subject matter it is investigating, and this is something In Broad Daylight also makes comments on throughout the film with the massive pressure on these few journalists to get this story out there, and whether they should even go ahead and report on it.

In Broad Daylight boasts some good performances across the board. The main focus is on Kay (Jennifer Yu), the investigative journalist at the hear of this story. She slides into this world without a hitch, making you believe from the start that she is just a residents family member. The other two standout come in the form of the films villains. Warden Cheung (Bowie Lam) and Nurse Chan (Pui-Yue Bo) are the two at the heart of the abuse. Cheung at first seems as though he's caring of the residents, but that is squashed when his real side comes to light. Then Chan from the off is the abusive nurse that all are scared of. Both Bowie Lam and Pui-Yue Bo portray these parts well, and the film wouldn't have had as much of an impact without them.

In Broad Daylight

As an overall package, In Broad Daylight communicates it's message effectively. It is by no means and easy watch, especially with the harsh reality that this is a problem that is overlooked. There may be a little issue at times with the subtitles being a little too quick, however, if you're a fan of the journalist film genre, foreign cinema and can handle those harsh realities, then In Broad Daylight is certainly a recommendation I would give.


Rating In Broad Daylight


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