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A dramatic and relentless chase to hurt this couple, running through the vast wilderness. The tension builds and stakes are high, can this "innocent" couple escape their hunters.

Written by Elliot Lines

Red Dot follows the story of a young couple who come into contact with some local trouble while on route to their adventure getaway. When they are out in the middle of nowhere a red dot appears through their tent, from here on they are being hunted down by someone in the wilderness.

This was a simple premise, nothing to complicated going on here, but the way in which this was structured allowed the tension to build exponentially throughout. While these characters are being chased there is no idea of who may be doing this, you're forced to speculate, come to a conclusion on your own, until the dramatic end. It doesn't hold back with the gore, or distressing imagery, and seems to have a direction.

These characters are easy to get to know, and the introduction of new characters is seamless, all serving their purpose, but one element sticks out above the rest. The dialogue. It is almost too simple, at one point to attempt to get away from this gunman, out main character references "Battlefield" as to his solution to escape. This simplicity results in no real depth to a already simple story.

Red Dot knows the story it is telling, and hits the right notes in the right places, being in a different language doesn't hurt the overall feel but maybe when it comes to the translation, something was lost along the way.

Coming to Netflix February 11, 2021.


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