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After the death of Maarva, a funeral ceremony is planned on Ferrix leading to Dedra Meero to hope that it brings the rebels to her. Mon Mothma is in serious trouble and without the money from Sculdun she will get found out, with Vel finding this out and that Mothma has an option but is reluctant to take it. Luthen returns to Saw Gerrera and warns him against aiding Kreegyr's attack on Spellhaus, on his return Luthen runs into an Imperial patrol. Cassian and Ruescott find a way off Narkina 5 but in learning of his mothers passing the pair part ways, but vow to expose the Empire's prison system.

Immediately the episode begins with the death of Maarva. This is an off-screen death that feels like it will cause these characters stars to potentially align. Cassian going home to Ferrix is just what the ISB wants to happen but surely he wouldn't be that stupid. With the ISB also with one eye on activity on Spellhaus, they could underestimate the knowledge of the Rebellion going forward, which Luthen explains to Gerrera in a frantic exchange.

The highlight of this episode has to be when Luthen is on route back to Coruscant. When he get stopped by an Imperial patrol he get pulled into their tractor beam, this forces him to make a quite spectacular escape, destroying a handful of tie fighters in impressive fashion (the weapon used is insane) and then jumping into hyperspace.

Episode 11 done a good job of making sure we know where each character is going into the finale, and where their minds are at. It doesn't seem as though all these characters will cross paths this season, but it's almost certain that Cassian will be at the center, after only appearing in a few scenes here. This feels like a bit of a filler, but a necessary one, bringing all information needed to the forefront, throw in Luthen's piloting and you've got one intriguing episode.


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