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Written by Elliot Lines

Moon Knight doesn't feel like anything that has graced the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, the show explores new realms and introduces new characters, but you can't help but feel that either this series is unsatisfying or is the Marvel fatigue finally is setting in.

Starring Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight follows Steven Grant and Marc Spector investigating mysteries amongst the Egyptian gods from the same body, all whilst encompassing the power of the moon god Khonshu.

The ambition on Marvel seems tos get bigger and bigger with each new addition. An adaptation of this character isn't an easy feat, but it felt like more time with this story would've benefited it immensely. There are story arcs that are hinted throughout the show that only come to fruition in the final moments of the last episode, and the introduction of a new hero coming very late on also. Just by adding a few more episodes to embark on this journey, the overall rushed feeling of the series would've been eradicated.

Oscar Isaac has a pretty hard task on his hands, doing well constantly jumping between the two personalities but without affecting the outcome of the character. He seems to carry this series on his shoulders, with a strange performance from Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, providing us a fairly uninspired villain throughout. However, May Calamawy gave us a few moments of freshness as Layla, bouncing off the constantly changing Marc/Steven in a satisfying way, building as a character throughout.

This Marvel train won't stop anytime soon, for the die hard fans keeping up with the TV shows will be easy, but you can't help but feel for the casual fan who will surely lose their way with all these new additions. As for the series itself, the ambition is to be admired but there is a feeling that the story of Moon Knight was rushed towards the end, i'm sure we will be revisiting this character but give us more to chew on in the moment.



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