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Written by Alex Gilston / September 9, 2022

Jennifer takes on a new case with the sorcerer supreme, Wong and tries to balance that with her dating life in She-Hulk episode 4.

She-Hulk settles into its procedural nature this week as certain storylines are tucked neatly to the side in favour of a fun little adventure with Wong and some fun dating moments. Just because it feels disconnected to the first three episodes doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a good time. We are still very much trying to get to know Jennifer Walters and how she ticks. The storyline with her signing up to "Tinder" and ultimately being unsuccessful as herself and then signing back up as She-Hulk and the difference in her success rate leaves for some funny interactions. It’s also a continued example of how she’s treated as a normal person compared to when she is hulked up which again presents hilarious moments like her cradling her date as She-Hulk.

No one will complain about having another episode featuring Wong, and Jennifer even jokes to the camera about it being a shield for the show on Twitter for the week. Him taking a show magician to court over the use of a sling ring is exactly the kind of silly natured conflict that fits perfectly within this show. The episode introduces us to Madisynn who is part of the magic trick gone wrong who falls into Wong's house. Their growing relationship over the episode is a highlight and Madisynn offers most of the comic relief this episode. (Although fans who are mid watch of The Sopranos might want to steer clear from this episode, you’ve been warned).

She-Hulk is still moving through with a decent amount of momentum, and with the reintroduction of Titania at the end of the episode, after her appearance in episode one, some more silly courtroom hijinks are ahead.


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