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Written by Elliot Lines / September 19, 2022

We are now well into the new series in Middle Earth, and its safe to say that the stunning imagery stills amazes at every turn. However the story feels like it is started to meander along at a snail pace without too much actually happening.

This episode does move the story along a little way, pushing us in a direction of an end goal, which seems to be the Southlands. But there is plenty of exposition between characters but not much "action". We see the return of Elrond and his adventures in the Dwarven city, amounting to a lot more chatter and a small amount of discovery (Other than that of Mithril, which serves to Lord of the Rings fans to know where that takes the Dwarves). The teaser from the previous episode was Adar, who shows up for a mere few moments then disappears from the episode all together. And the adventure of Galadriel goes on for another episode where the Queen of Numenor finally forgets the past, due to something that'll happen in the future.

The Rings of Power seems to be suffering with the amount of storylines it is attempting to incorporate into this one series. Now the characters that we follow are interesting, but its a shame interesting events aren't occurring with them. You've got to feel that with 4 episodes to go in the series from here will ramp up into fifth gear and give these characters something to do.


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