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Taking a much beloved franchise in a different direction is a huge risk, it can only go two ways, unfortunately Scoob! was taken in the wrong direction.

Written by Elliot Lines

Taking all the best parts of this franchise out, this film seemed to ignore everything that Scooby Doo is, what has been built over so many years of television.

This was not a Scooby mystery, for starters the gang is split up from the start and there was no mystery to this film. Instead they decided to add a superhero plot and use a Wacky Races villain to make this some kind of crossover story. It doesn't work.

It's understandable that this was geared towards kids, but the addition of the typical children's movie tropes wasn't needed, there is enough in the world to work with, so work with it.

Having a lacklustre plot certainly doesn't help this along, it's predictable, it's simple and could do with more elements to it without the forced occasional adult humour. Although an interesting part was the origin story of the gang, this is right at the beginning and it certainly goes downhill from there.

Luckily the animation was terrific, but besides that this was a tough watch. Avoiding what makes Scooby Doo great, with the addition of superheroes and a Wacky races villain, this was a big disappointment.


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