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Game adaptations do not have a good reputation, Sonic did not start on the best of notes. With big fan reaction to the first trailer, Paramount went away and changed the whole look of this character.

Written by Elliot Lines

Each moment Sonic is on screen is great, really capturing the well beloved character from this expansive gaming series. You get all the moments from the game experience transitioned into this film with great results.

This is s story we have seen before many time in a family film; Alien comes to earth, makes a friend, runs from the law. In no way was this a unique idea, which holds it back a little, with times the story does seem to drag it's heels, struggling to keep the flow it comes to a stop then picks back up. That said, the last act of this was great, the chase between Sonic and Dr Robotnik was not only entertaining but a thrilling ride.

Jim Carrey is back showing his over the top nature that we've seen from him many times. Marsden manages to create a good relationship with Sonic, which does capture the emotion between these two characters. But overall the acting in this was just okay, nothing groundbreaking, nothing that stands out, just average.

There are many comedic moments in this film, some of which land perfectly, others just fall flat. At times these comedy tropes felt force fed, almost not needed for the outcome of this film, a film that was fun and entertaining anyway.

Completely surpassing expectations, this game adaption is a good fun entertaining watch. By no means was this film perfect, far from it in fact, it has plenty of flaws but take it at face value and just have fun with it.


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