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15 | 30min | Comedy | TV Series (2020– )

Rather than having a successful launch, " Space Force" seemed to lose its way and just float around never finding its landing pad.

With a real slow start, this took it's time to get going, but it had something that made you want to keep watching. Over the later part of the series the story line definitely picks up, actually providing an interesting developing story arc, but there was something missing. The overall story didn't quite feel filled out, like a whole element was missing. Maybe this was the laughter it should've brought.

For a comedy it was surprising how many of the comedic moments failed to have any sort of affect. There certainly were moments of laughter but they were few and far between, trying really hard to force these jokes upon you.

Even thought the jokes struggled, there seemed to be a good range of characters throughout the series. Now they aren't anything to write home about but due to the large amount of different personalities it made for some interesting interactions, which at times were the most entertaining parts of the series.

Where 'The Office' got given time to find it's feet, 'Space Force' may not get the same chance. With Netflix's massive library of original content, it would not be a surprise to see the money spent elsewhere, even if this has been left on a massive cliffhanger.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor


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