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An Arachnophobes Worst Nightmare At The 'Sting' Screening Event


I was lucky enough to get the chance to crawl into an early screening of the upcoming arachnid horror flick Sting (thanks to StudioCanal for the opportunity), however there was plenty more to offer than just the film, see what I got up to.


Arriving at the Vue West End in Leicester Square, after signing in I was swiftly greeted with a great free poster and directed to the upstairs foyer. On the way up, the stairs were draped with cobwebs and dim red lighting to set the atmosphere for the skin-crawling shenanigans.

Entering the foyer was an arachnophobes worst nightmare! A steaming tank of mystery at the doorway, bodies wrapped up in web cocoons (each with a photo opportunity of course!), an exterminator skulking around the drinks tables warning us of the multi-limbed terror around the corner.


Easily the highlight of the pre-film event was the ‘Spider Meet & Greet’, which provided the chance to hold and interact with a tarantula. The trainer/keeper was very insightful and provided quickfire facts and a few laughs as well. After this hour of webbed fun, the time arrived to enter the screen. Joining the viewers were a couple more webbed corpses, prop replicas and cockroach bags aplenty.

You can read our full review HERE, however my quick thoughts on Sting are that it’s a fun shot of goofy, gory venomous fun, that scuttles along its quick runtime. It may not rewrite the creature feature rule book and undoubtedly wears its influences on its sleeves.

Sting releases in cinemas May 31


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