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Find all of Alex's coverage in one place; initial reactions for all the films he watched plus links to his extended reviews.

THE POD GENERATION intriguingly explores the ever evolving conversation of Nature VS Technology. It shines through it’s central performances from Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and some eye-widening world building.

Full review HERE

RUN RABBIT RUN is a tension building mystery that closes out with a fizzle rather than a bang. Sarah Snook is undeniably brilliant though!

I could’ve watched life go by in SOMETIMES I THINK ABOUT DYING for hours. Such a quaint film about life and everything. Daisy Ridley is phenomenal, it’s amazing to see her making proper moves again!

Full review HERE

BIRTH/REBIRTH freshens up some classic narratives with mixed results. A horrifying tale of motherhood. Great performances by the leading cast too.

Space travel is a technological marvel but THE LONGEST GOODBYE frames a conversation around the real human issues astronauts face when leaving Earth for prolonged periods. Wish we could have gone deeper on it, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

L’IMMENSITÀ is an interesting and insightful family drama. Penélope Cruz gives her all as always but it thrives when the focus is on her child Adriana played by Luana Giuliani.

OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN is emotive brilliance. Looks at motherhood from a different angle which garners wholly new feelings. Bit of a 180 from Benedetta for Virginie Efira but she’s just as good!

FAIR PLAY might just be the film of the fest so far. A slick portrayal of the fragility of a man and his ego. Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich are electric!

Full review HERE

ALIENS ABDUCTED MY PARENTS AND NOW I FEEL KINDA LEFT OUT is as whimsical as the title suggests. It might not be a marvel of filmmaking but the story at the heart of this sci-fi adventure is enough to warm the coldest of hearts!

Full review HERE

STILL: A MICHAEL J. FOX MOVIE is a cinematic documentary fit for one of Hollywood’s greatest. Loved the mix of archive footage with reenactment scenes along with MJF’s narration. Beautiful!

Big fan of CASSANDRO. Might follow some generic biopic beats but it’s heavily elevated by Gael García Bernal’s layered and emotive performance.

INFINITY POOL is absolutely crackers. It’s grotesque nature will probably put many people off but underneath it all is something quite interesting. Oh and Mia Goth? Impeccable. No notes!

EILEEN deliciously builds up to something so satisfyingly break-neck but the ending felt a tad incoherent. Thomasin McKenzie is great and Anne Hathaway is delectable!

Full review HERE

Nida Manzoor has a winner with POLITE SOCIETY. An endlessly fun, action romp with a bunch of brit-com charm. Love it’s dedication to being over the top and silly!

KOKOMO CITY is a powerful documentary highlighting black transgender sex workers. All of the films subjects are instantly likeable. It’s a strong block added to the destigmatisation of trans people and sex work.

THEATER CAMP is Glee’s unproblematic, effortlessly funny child. A real homage to the theatre kid and those who teach them. It’s mockumentary style compliments the absolutely stellar cast. Best of the fest so far!

FAIRYLAND is a moving portrayal of how life was for gay men during the AIDS crisis in the 80s told through the lens of a Father-Daughter relationship. Scoot McNairy is great and Emilia Jones is becoming a bit of a Sundance darling!

THE ETERNAL MEMORY is a tender and personal look at living with Alzheimer’s. Some absolutely heartbreaking moments but it proves that love transcends anything!

CAT PERSON works and doesn’t in equal measure. Quite like Fresh from last years fest it explores how modern dating is for women. It might not have as much bite but it’s still worth your time.

A THOUSAND AND ONE is an assured feature debut, one of the best at Sundance this year, from A.V. Rockwell. Beautifully written and impeccably performed.

Full review HERE

SLOW is a truly special film. Seeing asexuality so openly explored was incredibly refreshing. Loved the approach it takes on physical intimacy and actually how you can be intimate without being physical!

SMOKE SAUNA SISTERHOOD is doc making at its finest. The sauna might be dark and smoky but the women who go there find clarity. Truly amazing to hear these women’s stories.

Another debut smash out of Sundance! SCRAPPER is a wonder of a film exploring a father/daughter relationship and grief from a child’s perspective in such a beautiful way. This and Aftersun feel almost like spiritual siblings!

MUTT is an authentic look at the life of a transmasc person. Full of important and emotive conversations. Trans rep in cinema is so important and when it’s told by trans people it’s even more special!

ONYX THE FORTUITOUS AND THE TALISMAN OF SOULS is a dud for me. It’s heart is in the right place and the homages are cool enough. But when the main character is so grating and seriously unfunny it’s hard to look past.

Full review HERE

PLAN C is an important documentary about the tenacity of a group of women helping other women find ways to do safe abortions in the US. Feels even more timely than The Janes did at last years fest.

All hail the messiest of love triangles. PASSAGES is raw, sexy, and complex. The lead trio are all SO good. Look, queer cinema really just hits different!

THE ACCIDENTAL GETAWAY DRIVER is a tense thriller that, underneath the surface, explores how important family can be to get you through tough times. Maybe a tad long but still worth a watch.

Full review HERE

RYE LANE is a hoot!! Full of quippy British goodness and an emotional core that’s so lovely. If this is the level of British cinema we have to look forward to this year then I’m ecstatic! Perfect film to close out my fest too!

Full review HERE

My final Sundance film and what a way to close out. THE STROLL is everything. A piece of history wrongly snuffed out, now reclaimed and retold by the people it erased - black trans sex workers. Truly inspiring.


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