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Written by Elliot Lines


The new Star Wars favourite duo have now returned to our screens, continuing on the adventures they set out on together in The Mandalorian Season 1. This unexpected partnership of Din Djarin (Mando) and Baby Yoda became a worldwide phenomenon, gathering fans and an astronomical pace, so fans were glad to discover they'd be returning quicker than expected.

We are now well and truly into the heart of the latest season of The Mandalorian, a season that certainly is not holding back, building upon the stable foundations created in season 1. Chapter 1 gave us a little teaser of another character returning, and boy did he make an instant impact.

The recognisable face of none other than Boba Fett showed us his true colours for what is probably the first time ever, with some outstanding action scenes that well and truly went beyond anything we've seen before. The helmet smashing moments were brutal and almost gobsmacking, in a world where you rarely get to see this side of the violence.

Throughout both series, there is a real bond created between Mando and Grogu, this was more than evident here. The care Mando shows, for what he almost sees as his own, that this bond is ever stronger by the day. He has the willingness to do anything for this little creature, one that he was going to let go very early on. But the same goes for the other way round, Grogu has an attachment to Mando too, seeing him as a father.

The shocking moments come towards the end of the episode. We are introduced to the Dark Troopers, a small glimpse of what the Empire is up to, and we get the demolition of the Razor Crest. These moments all come to the most shocking moment of all, the Empire acquires what they've wanted all along, Grogu himself. Due to this we get a glimpse of his power, playing with the stormtroopers like toys, throwing them around the room, he is discovering his power but still needs time to master it without becoming exhausted.

We finally got to see Boba Fett to full affect, with some merciless action scenes. Mando and Boba will go on in this adventure together. Seeing more of these two as a team will be welcome to all fans, going on this journey to get young Grogu back.


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