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With such a massive universe that has been created, only a small part of it has been touched upon up til now. It was only a matter of time until they branched out into the different worlds across the galaxy, with The Mandalorian being the start of this new look into these worlds.

Written by Elliot Lines

Mando is the character this series is based upon, following the journeys of a race that has only been seen a few times, a bounty hunter going about his business venturing from world to world. This is where this series lacked, it doesn't quite follow a whole story-line across the series until the last two episodes, taking on more of an episodic route but with an underlying connection between each episode.

There is no question that the visuals throughout are outstanding, unlike anything you have seen within the Star Wars universe to date. It takes on a western vibe for the duration, setting the tones by the settings and action you witness throughout.

All fans want to see those little nostalgic details, plenty of which are littered within the series. From the remnants of the Empire to the so called "Baby Yoda", plenty of hints the fans can recognise and place elsewhere in this universe. But on top of this, new details that also aid The Rise of Skywalker.

For a character who has his helmet on for the duration of the show, Mando provides a surprising amount of emotion, testament to the writing which builds this character to who it has become. The connection this character has with "Baby Yoda" is clear, an emotional connection with this youngling, who has become the talking point of the show.

With episodes that vary immensely in story quality, there is no getting away from the fact this show looks fantastic. Although thoroughly entertaining throughout, filled with new interesting characters, it feels like this show would've been lifted by a continuous story-line rather that the episodic approach it took.


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