We are getting deeper into the show now, and this episode brings back a few recognisable faces. Giving us a deeper look into a former villain and the return of a SHIELD agent.

Written by Elliot Lines

There is a much simpler approach to this series, but in some ways it has been damaged by this. The show is feeling extremely formulaic and this episode epitomises that throughout. Like a tape on repeat, this episode goes from scene to scene needing to find someone with answers, which guess what, they don't have but someone else does. This made for quite a slow viewing experience, and the worst episode we've had yet.

But that said, with Marvel you can always expect them to treat the characters right. That is exactly what they do with the return of Zemo. We only saw snippets of him in Captain America The Winter Soldier but here he is on full show. His outfit is spot on and the wan in which Daniel Brul plays this character is menacing but charming in a way.

The action scenes once again are movie quality and the witty dialogue throughout adds a comedic edge to the show, but there is not much to sink your teeth into when it comes to this story line. This may even play better as a six hour binge watch, rather than this weekly episodes we are currently receiving.