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With the reveal that our variant is a women version of Loki. Both of the characters have arrived back at the TVA to confront Renslayer and continue the variants plan.

Written by Elliot Lines

This continuation of the story takes a side step from the main story. After Loki transports them both to a nexus event on Lamentis-1, this episode becomes more of a focus on building these two characters.

After the two of them trying to find their way off this planet, we are told plenty more about the characters lifestyles. The variant goes by the name Sylvie, and never wants to be called "a Loki", she doesn't remember her family and plans on bringing down the TVA bringing the reveal that the time agents are all variants themselves. We also find out more about Loki, one large reveal is that he is bi-sexual, the first character openly in the MCU.

The episode has its action moments but serves as more of an opportunity to connect these two characters, to build their relationship and flesh out what we know already about them. Leaving us on another cliff hanger, seemingly thinking they're doomed.


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