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Looking at a much broader story, spanning over multiple films. Episode 3 explores the idea of What...If? The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes. A cool idea that brings together an interesting conclusion, that wasn't suspected.

Written by Elliot Lines

When the world's heroes start to be killed, it sparks a detective like episode to work out exactly what is happening. Who is the culprit they're looking for? That's what this episode does well, it keeps you guessing throughout, and the outcome certainly pays off. One question may be had though, and that would be surely these Heroes aren't that easy to kill.

Once again the animation style is second to none, creating for some interesting imagery, one of which being Hulk "blowing up", yes you heard me right. You kind of didn't expect where this would head, and how gory they would go, but turned out not so much. He ended up in a cloud of green smoke, disappearing entirely.

There is one big overhanging problem with this show still, and that is the voice acting. It seems as though this will be a running theme across the series. It just feels clunky, there is no definition to the dialogue and you can almost just watch this for the visuals.

An interesting concept here, and the after affects could be huge. This story wasn't as compelling as the first two episodes, but there is enough substance to keep you guessing. What...If? is excelling in one department and you can't get away from it, the visuals continue to over achieve and impress throughout.


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