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When it's announced that a movie based on a video game is dropping, it's usually followed by groans and low expectations. Let's be honest... it's not the most successful sub-genre and more often than not, studio's never quite manage to do it right. Video game adaptation fatigue is real and true in 2023 – however, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie dropping this past weekend, to excited audiences, it shows that we haven't given up hope just yet. Join us as we recommend and discuss some great video game Movie and TV adaptations, that prove there are some gems out there.

The Last of Us (2023)

There are about 30 different video game film and television projects in development as we speak, so it might be a bit premature to say this but The Last Of Us is the pièce de résistance of video game adaptations. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have taken one of the most lauded video games of all time, and managed to spin gold dust with it. The Last of Us was always about people first, apocalypse second, and by making that the focus of the show they’ve crafted some of the greatest television moments of all time. It’s strikingly faithful to its source material but when it strays from the game narratively - like the monstrously heartbreaking episode 3 - it enriches the core themes to a level that wasn’t even achieved in the games. It’s the perfect example of what care and affection for what you're adapting can mean for the overall product. Bring on season 2!!! - Alex

Werewolves Within (2021)

Perhaps a lesser known game and flick, Werewolves Within is a fun little horror-mystery-comedy hybrid from a couple of years ago. Full of hilarious humour and chaos, you'll have a blast with this kooky set of characters. The mystery at the centre is nothing we haven't seen before, as we have to guess who the werewolf is from the characters in the room, but it's not ridiculously predictable and can offer a great element of surprise for many audience members. The characters may be a little over the top at times, but the excellent performances behind them make it work well – Sam Richardson shines in the lead role. It has a cool setting, a fun premise and doesn't take itself too seriously – it's definitely one of the best adaptations in recent memory, and one that is severely under-seen. - Becca

Sonic the Hedgehog (2019)

If you’d have told me back in 2019 when the original trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog came out that it was going to be majorly successful I’d have probably laughed in your face. But fast forward to the present and it’s had a second equally well-received film with a third on the way and various Paramount Plus spin-offs in the works. Sonic the Hedgehog is a good example of a compromise when it comes to these types of films; in fact it’s probably why it works so well. After reimagining his look, Sonic stays satisfyingly accurate to his video game look, but Dr Robotnik is, well, Jim Carrey goofing about. By juggling these things between similarity and the opposite, the film-makers worked out what does and doesn’t translate from the game and fit them all where they belonged. It leaves for what ended up being an engaging, hilarious, and emotional ride. - Alex

Silent Hill (2006)

We know that Silent Hill isn't the best horror movie out there. However, what it does exceptionally well is capture the mood, tone and overall look of the video game it's based on. Boasting beautiful cinematography and uniquely awesome visuals, Silent Hill is incredible to look at. The creature design is equally great, giving us some super gnarly villains to see our characters come to blows with. The score wraps everything together in a neat little bow, making the movie almost as immersive as the game. It's technical aspects are all fantastic, and that's why it pleased it's fans and remains so memorable. Radha Mitchell is a kick ass lead who is fun to follow, and the additions of Sean Bean, Jodelle Ferland and Laurie Holden create a pretty strong cast. I'm not saying it's as good as or better than the much loved survival horror game, but it did well in staying true to it. - Becca

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Detective Pikachu probably wasn’t at the top of many peoples lists when it came to Pokemon properties getting a live action makeover, but alas it was the chosen one. Detective Pikachu offered an intriguing insight into what life alongside Pokémon might look like. From the adorable to the downright horrifying; yeah I’m looking at you Mr Mime. The chances of getting lost in the heaps of lore that a normal live action Pokémon movie might do, it instead tells a story set in the world of Pokémon that has a universality to it. Add in a Hollywood star that is beloved by millions - Ryan Reynolds - and you’ve got a top notch flick. - Alex

The Witcher (2019 – Present)

Okay, we might be cheating a little here as The Witcher was a book series way before it was a video game. However, it's hard not to mention the successful Netflix Original show when discussing this topic. Henry Cavill arguably gives a career-best performance as monster hunter Geralt, and we can only imagine that his shock exit will be a detriment to the show. Drama aside, The Witcher is an epic fantasy show that gets better and better as it goes on. It is a little messy but it's a whole lot of fun, featuring a whole roster of unique characters that keep things exciting. It has everything you'd want from a fantasy world: battle scenes, violence, creatures and beasts, swords and Cavill killing monsters. - Becca


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