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January is almost over! Payday is here! Whether you are treating yourself to a takeout in or are nursing a hangover after a night of splashing out, a TV can always make things better!

Written by Tresca Mallon



A hilarious comedy series, which follows a gay man with cerebral palsy who decides to branch out from his usual routine and grab the life he wants. Raucously funny and unabashedly honest, Ryan O’Connell, who also plays the lead character, creates a realistic coming of age story that will have you rolling around the floor laughing. O’Connell himself is a gay man with cerebral palsy and his palpable proximity to the story adds a layer of authenticity which ensures the audience feel included in the story and are laughing with and not at our loveable and at times hopeless protagonist.

BBC IPlayer


Rose Matefao’s refreshing and relatable sitcom follows a millennial woman who ends up falling for a man with whom she had a one night who turns out to be a film star. It’s funny, charming and reluctantly heartfelt. Matefao, one of the most promising comedians in TV, is both the star and writer and is excellent at both. The first season is on BBC iplayer and the second will be released on the 7th of February.

Amazon Prime

This is Us

Get ready to cry because this one is a weep fest. Continually testing your emotional limits, This is Us follows 3 siblings navigating their adult lives while flashing back to their seemingly idyllic childhood. While excruciatingly cheesy at times, This is Us has a very interesting structure, is very well written and manages to keep the audience guessing despite the overt emotional manipulation. Weekly episodes of the sixth season are on Amazon Prime so an intense marathon will get you through it by the season finale in a few weeks.

All 4

Its a Sin

If you haven’t checked out this incredible show, this is your reminder to do it now! It’s a Sin follows a group of close-knit, mostly queer friends living in London during the AIDS crisis. Absolutely devastating, written by an informed hand and introducing some exciting new talent, Its a Sin is a limited series that will stay with you for a long time after viewing. It’s only one short season, but be warned you’ll need a bit of processing time!


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