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Written by Tresca Mallon

It’s finally February! The shortest month of the year and then it’s officially spring. Things are looking up, all you need is some good TV.

BBC IPlayer


One of Ryan Murphy’s best vehicles, Pose follows a group of trans women in New York in the 1980s as they battle it out in the underground Ball scene. Hilarious, gut-wrenching and wholeheartedly camp, all three seasons will have you screaming with laughter and tripping yourself with tears within moments. All three seasons are available on BBC Iplayer.


The House of Flowers

A campy, colourful, comedic Mexican melodrama. The de la Mora family are rocked by their father’s sudden arrest after his hidden mistress discloses his dirty secrets from beyond the grave. The family’s matriarch tries to maintain the family’s reputation while running their famous flower shop. Created in a tele-novella style, hilarious and dramatic twists abound as the highly dysfunctional de la Mora family confront their new reality while facing their individual issues.

Amazon Prime


Amazon’s most epic series mixes mythology and history, chronicling the story of the Ragnor Lothbrook and his clan as the Vikings conquered Europe. If you’re in the mood for bloody battles and intense relationships this is the show for you! A spin off is coming to Netflix at the end of February so it’s the perfect time to binge the shows six seasons.

Sky/Now TV

Boardwalk Empire

An often forgotten MVP of the high quality TV world. Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire is a stunning series that stunningly recreates the Roaring 20s with its rampant corruption, vices and magnificent opulence. Steve Buscemi plays the iconic Nucky an incorrigible gangster who carries the show from beginning to end. While there the show took a dip after season 3, it still remains one of the most exciting and jaw-dropping series to hit the small screen.

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