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After the end of the previous episode engulfed these characters in ash and fire, the birth of a well known place called Mordor was inevitable. The Southlands are no more, after being drowned in fire after our heroes thought they had brought the end to Adar's attack. Now the orcs can move in the daytime, making every step all that more treacherous. The Harfoots get to their destination but all is not well, but when the stranger helps them their troubles seems to disappear until the mysterious trio come to destroy their joy. Finally, Durin and Elrond seek the approval of the dwarf king, the existence of the Elves is at stake and the mithril is key to this. After the king catches them both mining without his permission he banashes Elrond and strip Durin of his title, but unknown horrors have been woken, the Balrog is awake from its slumber.

The Rings of Power was tough to get along with. The episodes were long and drawn out, where there was plenty of talking but not much "doing". Something finally happened in the previous episode, that will clearly have big effects on this world, but there's still something not quite right about the show. As a fan, its great to see the world of Mordor be created, the Balrog returning and the relationships between Elves and Dwarfs once again (Legolas and Gimli come to mind), but still something feels off. The visuals can only take a show so far, and I question how all these story arcs going to come together. Parts of the show feel like they're there for the sake of it and it feels like going into the last episode there is still plenty to wrap up here.

That said, the events of the previous episode set up whats to come, what we all want to see, the re-birth of Sauron. They've teased him in the previews, but it awaits to be seen if he plays a part in this season, or will they leave it as a teaser for season 2 of this show.


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