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Winner of several awards since its initial release last year. Another Round (or Druk as it’s known in its country of origin) sees four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social and professional lives.

Written by Jack Ransom

A thoroughly engaging, frequently funny, good spirited and breezy booze fuelled experiment, yet also a simultaneously visceral and dark portrait of midlife crisis’ and the throes of alcoholism and addiction. With Vinterberg’s standout direction, a myriad of fitting stylistic choices and a career highlight performance from Mikkelsen, alongside three fantastic co-stars.

Structurally the film flows nicely and is certainly one of three distinct sections. Establishing the characters current situations and their outlook’s on both life and their careers. It’s instantly apparent how intoxicating (figuratively and literally) the idea of the Finn Skårderud blood alcohol content theory would be to them right now in this stage of their lives. The initially comedic and optimistic beginning of their vodka sipping quest for life provides many of the film’s comedic highlights, before slipping into a catastrophic, relationship shattering over-reliance on drink to keep their high consistent. Lastly tipping into a final act of release and acceptance.

Vinterberg’s variety of directorial techniques and camerawork keep a cinematic and immersive feeling, from what are often very simplistic everyday situations. From bobbing, floaty naturalistic closeups that put you in the stumbling and lofty headed shoes of the group, to beautifully lit and artistic wide shots that linger on the character’s faces and feature strong exterior locations and set designs. Easily the culmination and highlight of all of these techniques, is the fantastically infectious finale dance scene, that is an absolute joy to watch play out.

It’s criminal that Mikkelsen didn’t receive an Academy Award nomination for his performance here as he is absolutely brilliant. His subtle and pained expressions at Nikolaj’s birthday drinks, that gradually fall into tears are incredibly nuanced and precise. Contrasting this is the ‘all in’ charisma of the fast paced and complex finale dance sequence which he pulls off seamlessly. Magnus Millang, Thomas Bo Larsen and Lars Ranthe make up a memorable trio of co-leads, and all the actors’ chemistry feels incredibly genuine.

Another Round invites you to its dark comedy laced party that delves into the inevitable destruction that alcohol can bring to the lives of those infatuated with it, as well as making you want to get out and grab your friends for the night of your lives. What a night indeed.


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