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Directed by Nikole Beckwith and starring Ed Helms (The Hangover) and Patti Harrison (A Simple Favor), Together Together tells the story of young loner Anna who is hired to be the surrogate for a single man in his 40's named Matt. A joy from start to finish, Together Together is full of uplifting humour and heart whilst exploring themes of connection and boundaries.

Written by Becca Johnson

The shining star of this movie is easily its script. It never goes over the top with the humour and isn't exactly laugh out loud, yet the sarcastic quip of Anna's character paired with Matt's pure joy and excitement works a treat. The writing does an impeccable job at exploring a very complicated relationship that often becomes emotional, yet remains light-hearted and warm for the entire runtime. The characters are not only creating human life but learning about themselves as they go on this journey, the script balancing both elements perfectly.

Together Together is extremely character driven, and luckily the performances are up to scratch. Ed Helms triumphs as Matt, a man in his 40's who is extremely desperate to have a child and wants to be as supportive as he can towards Anna through her pregnancy. Patti Harrison is perfect as Anna, a character who has already been through a pregnancy when she was young and battles the notion of appearing as a failure in the eyes of her family and friends. She is an extremely inspiring character, as despite everything she remains quirky, confident and hilarious. Throughout their journey, our characters battle with how close they should become, whether they should stay friends, and how involved they should be. Both actors truly become their characters, their chemistry appearing as believable during every scene. Julio Torres also provides some excellent comic relief as Anna's colleague, and its always fun to see Tig Notaro and Fred Melamed.

The movie is pretty simplistic with it's approach, with very intimate direction and cinematography, yet it still manages to pack a punch during multiple scenes. It not only explores the theme of parenthood, but really delves into the idea of how special a friendship can be. It is refreshing to see a comedy drama that doesn't fall into the generic tropes often portrayed in this genre, giving us a fun, emotional and unique take. Many will not enjoy how this movie ends, yet others will appreciate it as the perfect place to close off Anna and Matt's journey.

Despite its abrupt ending, Together Together may be one of 2021's best hidden gems. Helms and Harrison give career best performances, the writing feels like a warm fuzzy hug, and it is easily one of the most intimate movies of the year. Even though it has a very simplistic nature, it packs a huge emotional punch, telling a story that will stay with its audience for a very long time. Beckwith is a director to keep an eye on.


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