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With the previous two episodes being Ellies spotlight it is Joel's time to shine, and boy does he.

It's the finale. These past 9 weeks have flown by and joining us along this journey, Joel and Ellie, these two unlikely companions stuck in this post-apocalyptic world. It's hard to believe that this is the last episode of the series, and with the previous two episodes being Ellies spotlight it is Joel's time to shine, and boy does he.

Taking us back, we flashback to the birth of Ellie, where her mother, Anna, has been bitten by the infected. Marlene shows up, she takes Ellie and takes care of Anna's problem. Joel and Ellie then arrive in Salt Lake City, where they get knocked unconscious by the Fireflies. Once Joel wakes, Marlene explains that they think Ellie has the cure and she is being prepped for surgery, a surgery that will kill her. Fighting back Joel manages to rescue Ellie and take her away and lies to her about there being other immune people. Ellie asks Joel to swear he is telling the truth, Ellie accepts his word.

Flashbacks have been a story telling narrative throughout the series, but this one may be the most harrowing yet. This beginning shows the stress Anna went through right before giving birth to Ellie, with the baby being scared out of her almost. There is plenty of emotion in this scene alone; the realisation of not seeing your baby again to Marlene having to make the tough decision about her life long friend.

Speaking of emotion, this episode has heaps of it. Each of our main characters have come a long way since that first meeting, and Joel emphasises that in abundance here. We get a moment of him admitting his scar isn't from someone else, then actively telling Ellie she is who helped him get "over" losing his daughter. But the real emotion is seen on his rampage through the hospital. The care he now has for this child is evident and he's willing to sacrifice hope for her to stay alive.

"Look for the Light" completes Ellie and Joel's arcs in a satisfying and emotional fashion, bringing an end to an extremely well made TV series. Fans of the game may know where this is going, but for everyone else this has built intrigue going forward. There's room to move forward and fans (of the game and show) will get excited but for now this feels like a complete story, even if I feel there was a lack of infected action.


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