Six years on from the release of Season 6, we finally dive back in to the Clone Wars universe tying up and answering questions all Star Wars fan have pondered.

Written by Elliot Lines

Heading straight into what we love about this series, Season 7 starts where it left off. The animation as ever is stunning throughout, with the vibrant colours and the well choreographed action sequences. Unfortunately, the middle of this series is where it tails off.

We follow a story line with some sub par characters which don't add much to the screen. Okay, it may be a story of Ahsoka finding herself, but this story drags through almost 3 episodes, taking away the essence of this popular animated series.

Luckily thought, it picks up, in astronomical fashion. The last 4 episodes to this season are an adventure in itself, so much so they could easily be a movie within themselves. Coinciding along with the "Revenge of the Sith" story line, some of the moments within these episodes could be some of the best in Star Wars history.

A jaw dropping scene where Ahsoka is back to being the jedi we know is the stand out, but you get so much more than that. Any Star Wars fan whether you like the prequels or not will enjoy these moments which tie up some lose ends, questions that wanted answering.

Dave Filoni seems to know what he is doing with this universe, and has provided here a deep emotional end to this series, stamping it's place within the Star Wars canon.