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'Bridgerton: Season 3 Part 1' Review: Breathe in the glamour, the scandals, the proposals


The beautiful Bridgerton siblings and their enthralling love lives are back with the well-awaited 3rd season. Written by the genius that is Shonda Rhimes, Bridgerton Season 3 will be split into two batches of four episodes, with Part 1 premiering on May 16, and Part 2 arriving a month later on June 13.

If you don’t know this series by now you either have been living under a rock or are just downright stubborn to watch it. During lockdown, this unconventional, untraditional period drama took the world by storm and has had fans hot and bothered ever since.


Season 3 follows the friends-to-lovers romance we’ve been watching slowly bloom through the previous seasons. At the centre of the ballroom will be wallflower (and secret scandal sheet writer) Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and her long-time crush, world traveller playboy Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).


The series starts with the main questions - which newly minted debutant will shine the brightest, and which gentleman will sweep them off their feet? Penelope is becoming shelf quality with it being her 3rd year out and is determined to find herself a husband this season - despite everyone’s lack of faith. Whilst Colin is home from his travels and winking at every girl in sight.

Penelope puts down the citrus and picks up the seductive, but only to be unlucky in love and bullied by everyone around her. Except Colin. Penelope and Eloise’s friendship remains strained as the two keep her secret from the town. Eloise becomes besties with Penelope’s enemy, but we learn that her life is not what it seems.


Part 1 of this story is well-developed over the four episodes and keeps the attention on the two friends-to-lovers. With only a few minor subplots supporting. One being Penelope’s sisters in a race to get pregnant, as the one who has a boy will inherit a huge fortune - this is very funny, and I enjoyed their stupidity. The other is the diamond daughter Jessica Bridgetron being courted, and finding her love, with a multitude of men, each one of them is as bad as the other.

I will say, that Queen Charlotte's giant wigs take the biscuit this season. There is one style in episode 4 and I don’t know how they’re going to top it.

Breathe in the glamour, the colours, the scandals, the proposals. There are deep conversations, deep investigations and deep… well you know what I mean filthy readers. There is even a dramatic event involving a hot-air balloon in part one.


Rating Bridgerton

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

Look out for our review of Part 2 coming soon!


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