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A truly unique viewing experience. The House disguises its weirdness with a stop motion style that makes it bizarre yet mesmerizing, with a story that brings darkness across the duration of the film.

Written by Elliot Lines

More of an anthology of short stories, The House is set across 3 different times all of which reside in this home. Each chapter shows how there is a sinister attachment to whoever occupies this home, with all characters lives slowly start to unravel.

The animation style allows for a more creative style of characters, and even the humans aren't safe here. With characters ranging from rats to talking furniture, the possibilities here are endless, making for an interesting viewing experience. Each of these characters go on their own journeys, some being more sinister than others, creating a satisfying end to each of the short stories on show.

The House is not an easy sell, but with the clever animation style on show that allows the creators to flex their muscles on not only a visual level but a story one too, there is something enjoyable about this dark animated film.



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