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A cute yet predictable holiday romance, Something from Tiffany's is worth watching for it's lead performance and snappy run-time.

Based on the novel of the same name by Melissa Hill, Something from Tiffany's is another festive Amazon Prime Original rom-com, this time centring on a Christmas proposal gone wrong. Rachel's (Zoey Deutch) life is upended when an engagement ring meant for someone else ends up on her finger, leading her on a path of twists, discoveries and love where she least expects it. A cute yet predictable holiday romance, Something from Tiffany's is worth watching for it's lead performance and snappy run-time, but it's lack of both festive vibes and focus on the central love story leaves a little to be desired.

The majority of viewers will likely be hitting play due to the star of the movie being Zoey Deutch (Zombieland: Double Tap) – she won't disappoint. 2022 is clearly her year after solid performances in Not Okay and The Outfit, and whilst this flick isn't quite as good as the former two, her acting definitely is. She elevates the script nicely, creating a character that's sweet, charming and easy to root for. This woman knows how to carry a movie. Starring opposite is Kendrick Sampson (Miss Juneteenth), who doesn't quite match the talent of his peer but comes close. He's believable enough, and fills the shoes of rom-com heart throb just fine. Fan favourite Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) is also present; though she doesn't get enough screen-time to fully flourish, she acts well.

If you're not hitting play for Deutch, you're hitting play because it's December and you're looking for a new Christmas movie to enjoy. If snowy, wintery, Christmassy vibes are what you're looking for, this may not be the place to come. The movie is set over a few weeks, meaning Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only serve a small portion of the run-time. As soon as the plot moves past these dates, much of the magic is lost. It's much more about the romance and plot dilemma, not nearly enough Christmas cheer has been piped into it. It's shot well enough and has some gorgeous visuals here and there, but it doesn't scream festive and it certainly doesn't scream Christmas.

Something from Tiffany's is a holiday season rom-com, meaning it is vastly predictable from the start. However, that doesn't mean to say it isn't fun. A simple mix up of gifts creates an absolute whirlwind of events, most of which are engaging enough to enjoy despite their predictability. It's full of issues, including a rushed ending, cheesy dialogue, insta-love and lack of character development, but if you see through that, you'll have a blast. Unfortunately, we don't get to spend much time with our two leads, so although the romance is easy to root for due to the actors charm, the bond feels a little too instantaneous to be believable at times. It also plays it too safe, the stakes never getting as high or awkward as you expect them to. It's too fluffy when it should be feeling tense, and often thinks it's funnier than it is when trying to provide some comedy.

Something from Tiffany's is worth a watch, especially as that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Zoey Deutch is brilliant, giving us yet another likeable performance. The story is easy to digest and a lot of switch-your-brain-off fun, which is designed specifically for this time of year. It may not be as festive as you'd hoped before pushing play, and you may guess where the movie is going in it's first few minutes, but if you're looking for a no-fuss flick to wind down to in the evening, Something from Tiffany's should be your first choice.



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