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Extremely re-watchable and full of cheesy charm, exactly what we cry out for during the festive period.

One of the first Christmas rom-coms to hit streaming platforms this festive period, Your Christmas or Mine? tells the story of young couple James (Asa Butterfield) and Hayley (Cora Kirk), who are spending Christmas apart to see their families. After saying goodbye at the train station, both make the romantic split-second decision to swap trains and surprise each other; neither are aware that they've just swapped Christmases. Don't let the Amazon logo fool you, this is a British Hallmark movie through and through, with plenty of laughs and cheesy Xmas cheer.

Asa Butterfield (Sex Education) brings charm to every role, so it was hardly surprising that his loved-up, posh student James was an absolute treat. He carries this movie particularly well, delivering his comedic lines with confidence, and his romantic scenes with a boatload of swoon-worthy cuteness. Starring opposite him is Cora Kirk (Prey for the Devil), who leaves a little bit to be desired but is charming nonetheless. Fans of British TV will enjoy Friday Night Dinner's Mark Heap making an appearance, as well as Waterloo Road's Angela Griffin and Lucien Laviscount. The side performances are so much fun, adding loads of light hearted comedy into the mix. Everyone who appears on screen understands the assignment and gives their all.

Everything about Your Christmas or Mine? is undeniably British, particularly it's script. Though it might prevent it from being hilarious to a wider audience, this flick is full to the brim with British humour – and for us UK folk, it really works. It's awkward and it's quirky, taking some of the most mundane and relatable things about living in the UK and playing them for a barrel of laughs. Much of this is down to how good the performances are, but the script really does deserve to be commended for it's comedy. Many of the movies gags are predictable, cheesy and even a little slapstick, but it's heart is in the right place and it's hard not to get swept up amongst it.

There are times when Your Christmas or Mine?'s quirky story becomes a detriment; it expects you to suspend a large amount of disbelief. There are a handful of scenes that feel as though they don't belong, as they go just a little too far and take you out of the magic. It feels a little sitcom, with it's meatier, meaningful moments occasionally feeling forced. Sure, it has a nice message behind it, but the movie is at it's strongest when not taking itself too seriously. The trope of miscommunication is very strongly at play here, and although this story just simply wouldn't work without our characters failing to communicate properly, it gets tiresome quickly, and annoying for the viewer when grievances could be solved by a simple phone call or conversation.

Your Christmas or Mine?, with it's likeable performances, enjoyable characters, relatable British comedy and gorgeous snowy setting has the potential to become a Christmas staple. Extremely re-watchable and full of cheesy charm, exactly what we cry out for during the festive period. It's plot may be a little under baked, with a few too many conveniences and clunky communication, but it aims to do one thing – make us laugh – and it undoubtedly achieves that. It's a Hallmark movie with a British twist, which for some audiences will be a good time, but for others may be too sweet to stomach.



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